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A Different Kind of EMDR

AF stands for "Attachment Focused" in reference to the attachments one forms with a parental or guidance figure, particularly during childhood. Deficits in these attachments within one's 'family of origin,' can result from instances of absence, abuse, trauma, and losses. Severe stressors experienced during this critical time of growth allow for lasting psychological wounds that may be less responsive to traditional therapeutic approaches. 

AF EMDR is an innovative and streamlined modification of the original EMDR treatment protocol, and was developed by Dr. Laurel Parnell.  After many years of treating individuals with family of origin issues contributing to their trauma, Dr. Parnell discovered that the use of a modification within the EMDR model helped heal the specific wounds of attachment and facilitated the repair of relationships that have been negatively affected by traumatic experiences. AF EMDR is designed to heal relational trauma, which in turn improves mental health and intimacy skills building for clients who have been suffering.

Dr. Laurel Parnell, Ph.D., explains AF EMDR as a modification that, "extends the use and benefits of EMDR and bilateral stimulation for use with clients who have been typically less responsive to traditional EMDR protocols, due to acute or chronic relational trauma and attachment deficits. Those deficits include the effects of childhood physical or sexual abuse, neglect, early losses, birth trauma, medical trauma, parental drug or alcohol abuse, caregiver misattunement, secondary trauma, and the cumulative effects of all."

Please contact us to schedule an intake and see which one of our certified AF EMDR therapists is the best fit for you. 

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