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Gain Mastery Over Your Own Life!

La Perla Counseling & Trauma Response Services, Inc. has taken a special interest in ways the client can gain mastery of their life, as well as hardiness and resiliency training. Please take a look below to see some of our ideas to gain mastery in your own life: 


There are many books which can teach you how to gain mastery in your life! Many authors are excellent mentors of how you can take small steps and achieve results. See our resource link here for books and resources you may find helpful.


Find a mentor to assist you along your healing journey is a vital part of the growth process. Many people find this kind of support in the 12 Step Fellowship with the assistance of a Sponsor. Others may find it with their therapist, clergy, or within their educational or occupational support system. If you dream of finding a better life for yourself, begin by putting mentoring at the top of your list!


Sometimes a change of scenery is an excellent way to reflect on the way you are living your life. Travelling safely is possible, and it is one way to expand your education in a way that is not possible through academia alone.


If you have dreamed about advancing your career, changing occupations, or "filling in the blanks" in areas where you lack knowledge, continuing your education is a place to find a life-changing experience.


Many people have forgotten how to dream or have had their dreams dashed due to injury, illness, or other types of wounding. Divorce, death of a loved one or pet, war, an accident or incident, domestic violence, addiction, or a threat to your family as you know it, are all ways people can be negatively impacted in life. These kinds of experiences can affect their emotional capacity to be in touch with their core self and their dreams. 

Learning to dream again and beginning to take steps towards making those dreams a reality is contagious! Once you have had mastery with the first one, the next one usually becomes easier. Talk with your counselor or doctor about the dreams you have wanted to fulfill in your lifetime. Begin to make it a priority for your health's sake. 


Anxiety can often be caused by an underlying fear that something is wrong in the body. Sometimes this is a simple thought distortion, and sometimes it is a result of noticing something is different in the way the body is responding. Seek out proper medical care immediately if you are wondering whether something is wrong with you. If you are not sure whether it is a thought distortion, you may want to discuss it with your counselor. 


Empowerment can also take the form of finally telling somebody about your secret suffering. There are fewer things more honorable than taking charge of your life by picking up the phone and asking for help when you know you are in trouble. If you are one of those people right now, here is the crisis line number for immediate support: 206-461-3222. Call. If you are waiting until "someday" to tell, make that "someday" sooner. Find a therapist, counselor, or doctor you can trust and spill your story. Children were told not to tell, and if you are an adult, you no longer need to keep that rule. Many professional believe "not telling" is what keeps people sick. Telling is part of healing!


People who have a purpose for living tend to fare better in life than those who do not. This step may feel like it is further down the road for those who have suffered a trauma. Even small steps towards your healing will make a difference. Telling yourself the truth about how valuable you are may seem hard at first. Discovering your "inner genius" as some people say, is likely to take a time of self reflection.


There are now more distractions to living a clean and sober life than ever before. If you are struggling with "trying to stop" something, changes are you are already in trouble. Seek a professional's assistance and obtain an assessment. Living a sober life has rewards and benefits that far outweigh soothing with substances or behaviors that drive more shame. Find a therapist, counselor, or doctor who you feel some connection with and make a decision to act on your own behalf. You are more precious than you think!

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